Nippes (Fond-des-nègres): An alleged robber arrested by the CG Muscadin

CTN News

Signant François was apprehended by the government commissioner of the jurisdiction of Miragoâne Jean Ernest Muscadin, this Tuesday, December 27, 2022, while he came to rob a merchant in the town of Fond-des-nègres.

Contacted by phone by Zoomhaitinews, the head of the prosecution of the jurisdiction of Miragoâne, said that the alleged robber, Signant François was arrested in the locality of “Cadiac”, located in the town of Fonds des-Nègres. The latter is originally from the commune of “Disis”, in the South department. “To commit the crime, he used a false weapon. Now the alleged thief is in the police station of Miragoâne,” added Commissioner Jean Ernest Muscadin.

Note that the Commissioner Jean Ernest Muscadin is the subject of criticism, after killing Robenson Leonard, a young man from the city of Fernand Hibbert, whom he presented as a robber, who almost murdered an individual during a funeral ceremony recently. These words were refuted by the family of the victim who presented him as a worthy citizen of society.

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