USA: Rare snowstorm expected this holiday season

CTN News

As Christmas approaches, more than 5,000 flights have been canceled and another 24,000 delayed on Thursday. U.S. President Jooe Biden is urging his fellow Americans to take the storm very seriously. “I encourage everyone … to listen to the warnings at the local level,” he said.

Some states have declared a state of emergency, such as: Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. Americans will be shivering as far south as Texas. Numerous accidents were reported by the media because of the roads that were already covered with snow. This storm, called the “Cyclone Bomb”, is a once-in-a-generation storm and is getting stronger, according to meteorologists, which may make it very dangerous or impossible for Americans to travel.

The cold front is expected to strengthen this Friday through Christmas weekend. The temperature could reach up to -55°C. This would cause hypotermia and death for exposed bodies.

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