Urgent: Trader Joel Khawly released on bail about a week after his arrest for illegal possession of weapons of war

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The businessman Joel Khawly was released on bail this Thursday at nightfall, after spending about a week in detention at the base of the Bureau de Lutte contre le Trafic de Stupiants (BLTS) in Cayes in the South department. The businessman was arrested on November 24 at his home for illegal possession of weapons of war.

His release caused scenes of jubilation in the city of Jacmel, where supporters of the powerful businessman expressed their satisfaction.

Joel Khawly had been apprehended by BLTS agents after several large caliber weapons and other devices of war were discovered in his home.

The news of the arrest of Joel Khawly was immediately reported on social networks. It was reported that a shipment of drugs had been unloaded in the city of Marigot on behalf of the powerful businessman. Following this information, a team from the Southern Detachment of the BLTS/DCPJ was dispatched to Jacmel to search several spaces in the southeastern metropolis including Club Ma Folie and the home of Joel Khawly.

After several hours of searches in the presence of Justice of the Peace Fritz Palanquet and agents of the UDMO of the region, several items were found at his home including two guns: a Smith and Wesson rifle model MEP15 series SW 75106 caliber 5.56mm and two magazines filled with 47 rounds; a UZI model SMG series 093035 and two Uzi magazines filled with 52 rounds of 9mm. A telescopic baton, a Glock 17 series FXL 824 9mm pistol and two magazines filled with 14 and 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition, three canisters of tear gas, two of which were CS and one of which was 112CN, and two boxes of 12 gauge ammunition were also confiscated, according to the information note published on the official PNH Facebook page.

The arrest of Joel Khawly had been welcomed by members of civil society in Jacmel, who had taken the opportunity to denounce the “cynicism” of local judicial authorities. Some accused the Khawly family of taking control of the Jacmel customs. They also recalled the behavior of Joel Khawly during the last protests last September, when about fifteen people were shot and injured by his security guards in the Saint-Cyr area. An act that Jacmelians are not ready to forget. Some continue to demand justice and compensation for the victims of Joel Khawly’s security guards.

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