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ZoomHaitiSport is part of the Zoomin Production Corporation network. It gives a place of choice to the sports activities of the Caribbean, Latin America, and especially Haiti.

ZoomHaitiSport believes in the virtues of sport. Indeed, sport puts forward merit, discipline, individual and collective work, and respect for rules and principles. Today, Haiti needs all these values to straighten the national boat adrift.
Moreover, in our socio-political cleavages and struggles, the sport remains a factor of national unity and helps project a positive image of Haiti.

To fulfill its mission of informing, training, and entertaining, ZoomHaïtiSport has more than 50 collaborators throughout Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. We present live events as they happening in the above-listed countries.

We aim to use sport to build a stronger community. To have better conversations with our brothers and sisters.
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