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ZapZapInfo is an online media specialized in the promotion of Haitian, Caribbean, and Latin American culture. Our goal is to promote the Haitian, Caribbean, and Latin American heritage in its entirety. ZapZapInfo is a subsidiary of ZoomInProduction doing business as ZoomhaitiNews and Caribbean Television Network.

For many, Haiti is the land of problems. In fact, an American president called it a shithole. However, few foreigners who visit Haiti once do not make it their heartland. They sing this refrain: “Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou nan pwen”. Indeed, with its natural charms, the natural goodness of its people, the depth and diversity of its culture, and it’s exciting and turbulent history, Haiti wins their hearts. It is this aspect of Haiti that Zapping Info wants to highlight.
As a tool for culture, ZapZap Info makes the country’s rich cultural and intangible heritage its raw material. It intends to inventory and highlight all of Haiti’s cultural and intangible heritage through training and information.
It will highlight natural and archaeological sites, historical monuments, museums, works of art, and intangible heritage.
It will make wide publicity around cultural events such as country festivals, jazz festivals, symposiums, balls, exhibitions. It reserves an important place for Haitian and Caribbean books, authors, and creators in all fields: literature, history, music, painting, sculpture, and dance.

It will regularly zoom in on local practices and knowledge (culinary arts, medicinal practices, proverbs, and popular wisdom).
Zapping info proposes to put its public in contact with the facts, the practices, and the actors. It will be on all the places, the sites where the activities take place. Zapping Info’s collaborators will step aside to leave as much room as possible for the actors. It will give a voice to those who think, create and consume the various fields of culture.

Of course, Zapping Info is committed to highlighting Haitian culture in general, but this does not mean that it will let everything pass. It has an obligation to produce a critical reflection on everything that is done in the various fields of culture in order to improve the field.
Our wish is that this instrument is taken over by the different groups evolving in the cultural field and participates in the radiation of the field.
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