Storm in the USA: The death toll rises

CTN News

The passage of the unprecedented winter storm in the United States has already killed at least 56 people, according to the American media. While only 15 deaths were recorded on Christmas Eve. Authorities expect more victims in the coming hours or days as rescue and clearing operations continue.

Considered the “Blizzard of the Century”, the storm was devastating on all fronts for much of the American population.

The heavy snowfall and gusty winds brought road and air traffic to a complete standstill. People were found dead in their cars in the middle of the street. Others were stranded due to the cancellation of several thousand flights.

New York State accounted for more than half of the deaths. 31 deaths were reported in Erie County alone, which includes the Big Apple city of Buffalo. President Joe Biden on Monday approved a state of emergency, Euronews reports.

Bad weather has been hitting the United States for a week. Some calm is expected this Thursday in the East and Midwest. The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) warns that temperatures will rise to around 10 ° C by the weekend, but emphasizing “locally dangerous traffic conditions.
In addition to the number of dead people approaching 60, nearly 2 million homes and businesses were without power in the United States because of the storm. The temperature dropped to -48°C, accompanied by gusty winds and frightening snowfalls. Never before has the U.S. Weather Service (NWS) recorded a storm of such magnitude.

The passage of the storm was less severe for the other two countries in North America. In contrast to the USA, the snowfall did not cause any damage in Canada and Mexico.

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