Prime Minister Garry Conille leaves hospital and assures Haitians that light is not far off

CTN News

Prime Minister Garry Conille was hospitalized in Port-au-Prince on Saturday evening, after feeling unwell. Dr Conille recovered and was able to leave the hospital to which he had been rushed on Sunday.

In a pre-recorded message broadcast on Sunday afternoon, the Prime Minister said that during his hospitalization, he had given much thought to the state of the country’s health system, where 75% of hospitals are currently inaccessible.

Dr Conille sees his recovery as a blessing, a privilege granted to him by God to be able to serve the population.

Since his return to the country a week ago, the Prime Minister has been working diligently with the members of the Presidential Council to set up the new government.

“There are a lot of things to do. But unfortunately, I don’t yet have the necessary tools to start working”, lamented Garry Conille. He says he is very hopeful that the government will be put in place very early this week, stressing the need to move quickly because the population can wait no longer.

“The light is not far away”, assured Haiti’s new Prime Minister Garry Conille, who thanked all those who had shown their support during his hospitalization.

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