New Canadian diplomatic mission in Haiti

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In a context where Canada multiplies sanctions against Haitian political leaders and businessmen for their alleged involvement in the financing of banditry and drug trafficking, a new Canadian diplomatic mission will visit Haiti from December 7 to 9.
It is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Melanie Joly, who made the announcement this Wednesday via a statement, a copy of which was sent to our editorial office.

According to the statement, “this mission will complement the meetings and virtual discussions that are taking place in parallel.

It will be led by the Canadian ambassador to the United Nations Bob Rae in order to promote greater unity among key stakeholders in favor of a political path and process for democratic elections.

Members of the mission will “consult with high-level political leaders, members of civil society, the United Nations and other key actors on options to support Haitian-led efforts to address the humanitarian and security crises, and on the role that Canada could play in the international response,” the statement said, emphasizing the role of the international community in responding to the humanitarian and security crises in Haiti.

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said her country’s efforts to continue to support Haitian-led solutions to restore access to essential goods and services will build on our long-standing commitment.

Canada continues to play a leading role in supporting the Haitian people to emerge from this crisis and restore peace and security to their country. This mission is another example of Canada’s support for Haitian-led solutions to the violence in the country,” concluded Joly.

Earlier this week, Canada adopted sanctions against businessmen Gilbert Bigio, Reynold Deeb, and Sheriff Abdallah.
These three very powerful individuals from the economic sector are accused of “financing armed gangs, money laundering, and other acts of corruption.”Canada has reason to believe that these individuals are using their status as prominent members of the Haitian business elite to protect and enable the illegal activities of armed criminal gangs, including money laundering and other corrupt acts,” according to a statement from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

The assets of these alleged criminals in Canada will be confiscated. They will also be prohibited from conducting economic activities in Canada, the foreign affairs minister said.
Gilbert Bigio, Reynold Deeb and Sheif Abdallah are accused of facilitating the illegal entry of large caliber weapons into Haiti and distributing them to armed criminals in order to cause trouble in the country. Between them, these three alleged criminals control the majority of the dungeon ports in Haiti, which often operate outside of the control of the Haitian state.

Canada had previously announced sanctions against former President Michel Martelly, former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Henry Céant, one-third Senate President Joseph Lambert, Senator Rony Célestin, former Senators Hervé Fourcand and Youri Latortue, and former Member of Parliament Garry Bodeau for their involvement in financing armed gangs and other criminal activities in Haiti

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