Media-Technology: ZoomHaitiNews among 450 media outlets in 52 countries to benefit from Google News Initiative

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

Good news. We are honored and delighted to announce to our audience that Zoom Haiti News has been selected as one of 450 news organizations in 52 countries around the world to benefit from the Google News Initiative program,” wrote Emmanuel Paul, CEO of ZoomInProduction Corporation, the parent company of ZoomHaitiNews.

“Today, we are pleased to announce that more than 450 news organizations in 52 countries have been selected as recipients of the News Equity Fund,” the GNI wrote Tuesday on its tweeter account.

Like these other media outlets, Zoom Haiti News was selected based on the quality of its content and its determination to be useful to the Haitian community, scattered throughout the world.

Between satisfaction and thanks, the CEO of Zoom Haiti News was pleased with this selection which marks an important step in the progress of the young media.

“Thank you all for being part of this journey. We have come a long way and the road ahead is still very long. But we will reach the finish line for sure. Without all of you, we would never get there. Thank you very much to all of you: Contributors, supporters, subscribers, friends and family. Thank you #GoogleNewsInitiative,” wrote Emmanuel Paul.

Other selected media executives also expressed their contentment. “We are thrilled to have been one of the selected media organizations!” tweeted AfroMedia. “We are thrilled to announce that “Main Media” has been selected for the Google News Initiative’s News Equity Fund,” Main Media wrote.

“I share a significant achievement for revista_nomadas. The Google News Initiative, a #Google initiative, has announced Revista Nómadas as a recipient of the News Equity Fund. We will work to bring visibility to the threatened indigenous populations of the Amazon,” reacted an official of Revista Nomadas.

Thousands of applications were received by the GNI. But only 450 in 52 countries were selected.

What is the Google News Initiative (GNI)?

Google News Initiative (GNI) is an initiative of technology giant Google to support journalism around the world. Its mission is to help develop journalism in the digital age by developing tools to meet the needs of newsrooms, partnering with news organizations to help them address the challenges and opportunities of digital media, and providing training on Google tools for journalists.

Training sessions, advertising space and other benefits are provided to GNI member media outlets that promote freedom of expression around the world.

ZoomHaitiNews is part of the ZoomInProduction Corporation, which also includes CaribbeanTelevisionNetwork, ZapZapInfo, and ZoomHaitiSport. Based in Massachusetts, ZoomHaitinews is a news organization specializing in news related to immigrant communities in the United States and around the world. We have more than 50 employees in seven countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Chile.

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