Kidnapping of Jean Thony Lorthé and two others: Journalists plan to demonstrate to demand their release

CTN News

More than a week and a half after their kidnapping, journalist Jean Thony Lorthé and his two relatives are still in the hands of the kidnappers. The kidnappers are demanding a huge sum of money that the hostages’ families cannot afford to pay in exchange for their release.

Journalists’ associations and the RENAGSANG organization intend to organize a protest movement this Tuesday, February 14, to demand the release of the hostages.

The announcement was made by the journalist Yandy Frantz Fidèle.

“Journalists have microphones, cameras and pens, they have no money. We expect all those who want to show solidarity with us from 9 am. We really hope that the kidnappers will make this gesture of love because love can change everything just as in love Lorthé always gives blood to help save the lives of those in need,” says a message posted on the Facebook account of the journalist who took the opportunity to appeal to the kidnappers: “We ask men this grace for the brother and his other two relatives, that they can join their families and the corporation. No one deserves this.”

Jean Thony Lorthé and his brother, as well as another person who accompanied them, were abducted on February 3 while on their way to the funeral of a relative in Carrefour.

Despite numerous appeals, the kidnappers refuse to release the hostages. They demand a high ransom that the family of the victims is unable to pay.

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