Immigration: The Biden administration would consider developing a new program for Haitian, Cuban, and Nicaraguan asylum seekers

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

Joe Biden’s administration may develop a new program that would force Haitian, Cuban, and Nicaraguan asylum seekers to apply in their respective country of origin.

Previously in place for Venezuelans, Haitians in Haiti with ties to people in the United States could apply for asylum in Haiti, according to Politico, citing sources close to the White House.

If implemented as planned, the new program would also allow the U.S. government to turn away Haitian immigrants who show up at the U.S. southern border seeking asylum.

This program has already allowed more than 24,000 Venezuelans to enter the United States legally. Thousands of citizens of Nicolas Maduro’s country have also been deported. “If implemented, the policy would help the administration deal with the record number of people fleeing to the United States, but it would also expose it to criticism for using a pandemic-era tool,” Politico reported in a December 31 article.

The new program would be part of the enforcement of the health law commonly known as Title 42, which was reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court, despite numerous attempts by Joe Biden’s administration to overturn the controversial policy implemented by former President Donald Trump.

Thanks to the new program, the number of Venezuelans attempting to enter the US illegally through the southern border dropped by more than 70% in November 2022, according to data released by US customs authorities cited by Politico. This is prompting the administration to seek to expand it to three more countries early this year.

Immigrant rights advocates have already raised their voices to denounce this program, which endangers the lives of thousands of citizens from the Caribbean and Central America seeking refuge in the United States. They accuse Joe Biden of implementing Donald Trump’s racist migration policy.

Thousands of migrants are currently standing at several U.S.-Mexico border points waiting for the best moment to cross into the United States. A moment that may never arrive due to the decision of the highest court in the United States to temporarily maintain Title 42 pending a final decision this year.


The Politico article can be viewed through the link below.

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