Haiti-Insecurity: Death of businessman and presidential candidate Eric Jean Baptiste and his bodyguard

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Eric Jean Baptiste and his bodyguard were murdered in the evening of Friday, October 28, 2022 in Laboule 12 in the heights of Petion-Ville near his home learned Zoom Haiti News of concordant sources.
The businessman and his security guard were targeted by heavily armed individuals while they were in a vehicle, yet equipped with a level 4 armor reports journalist Lucson Sainvil citing a close family member of Eric Jean Baptiste.
Le Nouvelliste confirms that the bodyguard died on the spot while Eric Jean-Baptiste died in hospital, succumbing to his injuries.

The de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry said he was outraged by this heinous crime. “The horrible assassination of the political leader, Eric Jean Baptiste and his bodyguard, has, once again, plunged the Haitian nation into turmoil. We strongly condemn this heinous crime against this patriot, this moderate politician and committed to change” lamented the head of the Government whose Eric Jean Baptiste questioned his ability to lead the country to safety after the brutal armed attack against the journalist Roberson Alphonse, narrowly saved.

The political leader Eric Jean Baptiste rightly pointed out that the life expectancy of a person in Haiti is only 24 hours, noting that no one is safe, questioning the ability of the state to protect its citizens.

“Esperans la vi moun Ayiti se 24 h tan. Mèsi Bon Dieu ak tout sa nou wè yo pou pwoteksyon Roberson Alphonse jwi anba kriblay ansasen. Pita se pral tou pa kilès? Eske lap gen menm chans la? Dirijan ki pa sekirize vi, ki pa pèmèt menm ti moun al lekòl, sa yo itil?”. His message on Twitter in Creole.

Reluctant to contribute to the sending of a multinational military force to Haiti, France, through its embassy in Port-au-Prince, says it strongly condemns the assassination of the Secretary General of the Rassemblement des Démoocrates Nationaux Progressistes (RDNP), who had been a staunch opponent of the presence of MINUSTAH agents in Haiti.

This is not the first time that Eric Jean Baptiste has been attacked by armed individuals. He had already been shot in October 2018 at Carrefour Feuilles while taking his children to school.

This brilliant businessman, owner of Pè Letènèl Loto and one of the few declared presidential candidates in the country, was also known for his generosity. Through his foundation, he often helped the most vulnerable segments of society.
It is this citizen of many hats and personalities, appreciated by many, who has just fallen under the murderous bullets of the armed gangs of Laboule. Like other benefactors and important people who are victims of insecurity in this area and throughout the country. A little more than two months ago, the general manager of the Public Enterprise for the Promotion of Social Housing (EPPLS) and former senator Yvon Buissereth, as well as his driver, were killed and then burned to death while they were in a vehicle in Laboule. On January 1st, police officer Dan Jerry Toussaint was shot in the same area. The journalists of Médias en Ligne, Wilguens Louissaint and Amady John Wesley were murdered in the locality of Laboule 12 on Thursday, January 6, 2022, while they were on a reporting trip. Other police officers lost their lives in clashes with a gang operating in this area. This is also the fate of many ordinary citizens.

The State remains in spite of everything in the most total indifference.

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