Graduation of the 32nd class of the Haitian National Police

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This Friday at the National Police School of Haiti, 715 young policemen and policewomen were graduated. They took an oath to respect the motto of the PNH: to protect and serve the Haitian population.

The ceremony took place under the eyes of Prime Minister Ariel Henri and high dignitaries of the state security entity.

“To the new graduates I wish a fruitful career within the PNH. In these festive times, I wish all police officers and their families happiness, health and peace for the year 2023,” wrote the Head of Government on his twitter account, adding that the population expects much from this new promotion, inviting these new police officers to show courage, integrity, honesty, respect for individual rights.

Dr. Ariel Henry promised, despite budgetary constraints, to “continue the efforts of the Government to better equip the police and to provide specialized units with appropriate means to rout the bandits.

The Prime Minister also addressed the friendly countries of Haiti, reiterating his request for assistance. “We are not asking them to do the work for us. We ask them to accompany us so that after their departure the PNH is able to continue alone, and especially we do not have to call them for help in the future. A message that was later deleted.

The day before, the Prime Minister attended the graduation ceremony of the soldiers of the 2nd promotion Duty Boukman of the Haitian Armed Forces at the site of the Military Aviation Corps. He took the opportunity to encourage the staff to prepare to give satisfaction to Haitians, who are terrorized by armed gangs whose acts exceed “the frameworks of big banditry and are increasingly similar to acts of war against citizens, against businesses, against the national economy” said the current head of the executive.

Ariel Henry emphasized the need for a more militarized police force or a military corps with adequate means to fight against gangs.

The Prime Minister invited the agents of the army and the PNH to be vigilant by not allowing themselves to be manipulated by politicians or by the forces of money or by traffickers of all kinds in the exercise of their functions.
The integration of these new police and military officers comes in the context of the precarious and degrading security situation of the country.

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