Dominican government temporarily suspends flour exports to Haiti

CTN News

The Dominican government is banning all flour exports to Haiti. In an article published by the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre relayed by RFM, the Dominican government explains that it took this decision to guarantee the food sovereignty of the Dominicans, to avoid scarcity, destabilization of the price of flour and its drift on the market.

A decision that could have consequences on the price and availability of flour in the country. The Dominican Republic is one of the major exporters of basic necessities to Haiti. This decision taken by the Dominican government to ensure the food sovereignty of the Dominican people avoids a possible scarcity and guarantees the stability of the price, thus reassuring the neighboring country which is currently on the verge of a food crisis.

Haiti does not have the capacity to produce and depends essentially on imports to feed its population, and must turn as soon as possible to other friendly countries to remedy this problem. Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of flour has increased exponentially on the Haitian market. This has caused an increase in the price of flour-based products.

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