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Brazil has made a court decision in favor of Haitians, allowing them to travel to the country without a visa. Zoom Haiti News explains what this is all about.

A court decision has been taken in favor of Haitians by the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (STJ), authorizing lower court judges to allow Haitian nationals to enter Brazil without a visa. This decision, however, only concerns Haitians who already had a process underway, considering that it falls under the family reunification program only.

Who can benefit from this decision?

Due to the ongoing crisis in Haiti, many Haitians are living far from their families. The first beneficiaries of the decision of the Brazilian justice are the children.

Minors who have at least one parent already living in Brazil and who were already in the process of family reunification are therefore affected. A wife or husband who already has a spouse living in Brazil is also eligible. If you have a relative who is already living in Brazil, he or she can also start the process for you.

What should you watch out for?
Don’t believe people who ask for money and make you believe that it is possible even if you don’t have a relative living in Brazil! Remember that there is always a procedure to follow even if it is stated that you can enter Brazil without a visa!

This decision was already taken in 2016 with the same objective of family reunification but it was suspended some time later. The Brazilian Superior Court of Justice authorized it this year, taking into account the deterioration of the security situation in Haiti, causing delays in the delivery of Brazilian visas, to the point that some parents have already lost their children who should have joined them.

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