Brazil/Elections: Bolsonaro promises to respect the constitution

CTN News

It took two days for Jair Bolsonaro to speak out on the latest Brazilian presidential election. Brazil’s outgoing president promised to respect the constitution in the transfer of power, in a brief speech in which he did not mention the name of president-elect Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva.

The leader of Brazil’s far right took time to condemn the latest acts of violence perpetrated in several states by his supporters protesting the results of the presidential election. Bolsonaro deplored the invasions of private property that have been reported in some regions of the country before taking issue with those who call him anti-democratic.

Bolsonaro, who thanked his voters, gave a guarantee that he will respect the constitution.

The minister of the civil house (casa civil) Ciro Nogueira declared that the process of transition of the government has begun.

Bolsonaro’s brief speech has provoked huge reactions from political experts in Brazil and elsewhere. Some observers regret that the president did not make it clear whether he accepts his defeat. That could calm the fury of his supporters. They hope to return to normal life in the next few days.
Bolsonaro must pass the power to his successor Lula on January 1, 2023.


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