Already several victims in the clashes of Carrefour-feuilles

CTN News

A situation of terror reigns this Wednesday evening in Carrefour-feuilles, precisely in the neighborhood of Savanne Pistache where armed bandits have been trying to settle for several days. Several people would be victims of this confrontation between the police and armed men reports a resident to Zoom Haiti News.

Sporadic gunfire is heard in the area. Left to their own devices, the population continues to cry out in desperation to PNH officials to come and reinforce the police officers in the area who, with their meager means, are trying to repel the armed bandits.

Speaking on several radio stations in the capital last week, PNH spokesman Gary Desrosiers said that the situation was practically under control. However, the reality is quite different. The inhabitants of Carrefour-feuilles are on the verge of collapse and do not know where to turn.


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