About fifteen people burned alive, houses burned in “Sources Matelas” by an offshoot of the gang led by Izo

CTN News

At least fifteen people were killed and more than a dozen houses burned in Sourced Matelas” in the commune of Cabaret, north of the Haitian capital, during the night of November 29 to 30, 2022. Several people are also missing, according to information available to ZoomHaitiNews.

This massacre was perpetrated by members of a gang operating in Canaan under the leadership of the fearsome gang leader IZO of Village de Dieu, according to a senior PNH officer who requested anonymity.
Images sent to our office show a shocking scene of people being burned.
For several months, the National Road Number 1, notably at the level of Cannan, Titanyen and Source Matelas, has been controlled by bandits allied to the 5 Segond gang of the kingpin Izo. They specialize in kidnapping, looting trucks, and raping passengers and residents of these areas. These bandits recently set fire to an armored vehicle used by the PNH to enter the areas controlled by the gangs.

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