A Gala for Education: It’s happening in Birmingham Alabama on April 20, 2024

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

At the initiative of the Haitian-American Association of Alabama (HAAOA), a grand gala will be held in Birmingham on April 20.

The funds raised will be dedicated to the construction of a school in the South Department.

Completely destroyed by the earthquake that struck the South Department, the École Saint Barthélemy in Fond Jean-Noel is home to over three hundred pupils from several neighboring districts, according to the school’s management, who appeared on the Haitian Connection program over a week ago.

The HAAOA had already made several donations to the population of Fond Jean-Noel.

Cash, school equipment and food were distributed to the inhabitants by the town’s CASEC thanks to a donation from the Haitian-American Association of Alabama founded by Professor Yolene Destin Barreau.

Mrs. Barreau invites all Haitians in the diaspora to join her in facilitating the reconstruction of this school, which is expected to cost 65,000 US dollars.

Despite the fact that it has been totally dilapidated, the Saint Barthelemy school in Fond Jean-Noel continues to serve the area’s inhabitants as best it can, according to CASEC, which did not mince its words in criticizing government authorities for doing nothing to help the area’s inhabitants living in extremely precarious conditions.

The school’s principal and principal also echoed this sentiment. They called on the Haitian government to do something for the children of Fond Jean-Noël.

Those interested in attending the gala can purchase their tickets on the HAAOA website or on Eventbrite.

The organization is also open to donations in support of the project to rebuild the Saint Barthelemy School in Fond Jean-Noel in the South Department.


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