A former Haitian President and two former Prime Ministers sanctioned by Canada for “financing armed gangs” in Haiti

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

The Government of Canada has adopted sanctions against former President Joseph Michel Martelly, former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Henry Céant.

These personalities have been sanctioned for their alleged involvement in the financing of armed gangs that sow terror in Haiti.

The news was made public by Louis Blouin of Radio Canada in a post on his twitter account. “LATEST NEWS | Canada sanctions former Haitian President Michel Martelly and former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Henry Céant for their participation in the financing of armed gangs,” wrote the parliamentary correspondent for Radio Canada in Otawa.

This information was also confirmed by the Canadian ambassador to Haiti Sebastien Carriere. “I confirm”, wrote the Canadian diplomat on the same platform.

Other political figures are also subject to sanctions by the government of Justin Trudeau. This is the case of Senators Rony Celestin, Joseph Lambert, former Senator Youri Latortue, and former MP Garry Bodeau.

Several members of Ariel Henry’s government, including former Interior Ministers Liszt Quitel and Beto Dorcé, have also been sanctioned by Canada. Although the information had been known for a long time, they were only laid off last week.

From sources close to the American diplomacy, Zoom Haiti News has learned that the names of all the people sanctioned by Canada are also on the list of the United States which recently announced sanctions against more than fifty Haitian personalities, the vast majority of whom are from the political and economic sectors. However, Joe Biden’s administration had only made public the names of one-third Senate President Joseph Lambert and former Senator Youri Latortue. The names of these two individuals are posted on the U.S. Treasury Department’s website along with Jimmy Chérizier aka Barbecue, Fedenel Monchery and Joseph Pierre Richard Duplan.

In addition to financing armed gangs, Joseph Lambert and Youri Latortue are also accused of illicit drug trafficking.

The names of several other members of the government of Ariel Henry, the third of the Senate, the opposition and the economic sector are also on the lists of the United States, Canada and the United Nations, we learned from sources generally well informed.


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