9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old Android Phone

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You can still put your old phone to use.


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So you’ve bade your Android farewell. You might be replacing it with a Google Pixel 6, choosing from the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup or even jumping ship and getting an iPhone. But what should you do with your well-loved old phone? You could stash it in a drawer or try to sell it. However, you have some other interesting options worth considering.

If your phone’s too old to command a high trade-in value, or you’re looking to save some money on a webcam or a Google Home, or you just like to tinker, there are some pretty ingenious ways to repurpose your old device and turn it into something you’ll actually want to use.

After all, smartphones are small, powerful computers with storage space and a camera. Your phone makes a handy substitute for lots of other electronics — you can even turn it into a home security camera or diagnose your car’s mechanical problems. Read on for tricks that will give your old Android new life.

Convert your old Android into a webcam.


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Turn your old Android into a webcam

Now is a great time to turn your old phone into a webcam. You can use a number of free apps — including Zoom or Skype — to improve the quality of your video chats during quarantine. Getting started is easy, and we give you all the tips you need for a top-notch setup. Remember, even an older phone’s main camera could still be better than…

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