World Cup: The Ministry of Culture and Communication prohibits the broadcasting of matches on social networks

CTN News

The Ministry of Culture and Communication informs the media that broadcast the World Cup 2022, which is held in Qatar until December 18, that they can not and should not, under any circumstances, broadcast the matches on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc..) Haiti’s rights are limited exclusively to television broadcasts, “writes the state entity in a note.

The MCC says it is counting on everyone’s understanding while wishing a good world to all.

Haitian Prime Minister Dr. Arie Henry expressed last week his gratitude to FIFA President Gianni Infantino for graciously granting Haiti the right to broadcast the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022.

The Head of Government called on all fanatics to live this world spectacle in serenity, the spirit of living together and brotherhood.
Many observers see in this soccer period a good moment of respite for the Haitian Government which was facing the popular grumble for having increased in an exaggerated way the prices of fuel, while the population fights daily to survive in a context of galloping inflation and chronic insecurity.

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