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If you’re wondering what you can do with a criminal justice degree, know that graduates at every degree level qualify for criminal justice roles that earn above-average salaries. Some employers, such as police departments, tend to promote from within, offering advancement opportunities to criminal justice workers.

This guide explores several career pathways for graduates with criminal justice degrees. We discuss the different types of criminal justice degrees and careers, and we answer frequently asked questions about the field.

What Types of Criminal Justice Degrees Are There?

Associate in Criminal Justice

Associate degrees in criminal justice usually involve two years of full-time enrollment, totaling 60 to 65 credits. Candidates typically need a high school diploma or GED certificate for admission. Coursework explores fundamental topics in criminal justice, such as policing in America, introduction to ethics and criminology. Individuals who earn associate degrees in criminal justice can pursue roles as police officers, bailiffs and correctional officers.

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice bachelor’s degrees usually involve about 120 credits and dive deeper into criminal justice than associate-level programs. Admissions departments seek applicants with high school diplomas or their equivalent. Enrollees explore topics such as victimology, the juvenile justice system and alternatives to incarceration.

Master’s in Criminal Justice

Master’s in criminal justice degrees generally comprise 30 to 40 credits, which full-time enrollees typically complete in two years. These programs prepare graduates to pursue advanced leadership positions in criminal justice by taking a big-picture view of societal factors that can influence crime. Coursework may cover areas like applied…

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