Sending foreign troops to Haiti: the UN Security Council meets on December 21, 2022

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

The United Nations Security Council will meet on December 21 on Haiti. The discussions will focus on the general situation in the country, the need to deploy a peace mission in Haiti and the contours and mission of the international force.

The information was revealed by the Canadian representative to the United Nations, Bob Rae, in an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Paul of CaribbeanTelevisionNetwork and ZoomhaitiNews.

According to the Canadian diplomat, the resolution on sending foreign troops to Haiti should not be adopted before the end of the year. “It would surprise me if the resolution was ready before the end of the year,” said the Canadian official adding that “the time will come when there will be a resolution. He said he has spoken with the Secretary General of the United Nations in this sense.

At the meeting on December 21, “there will be no debate on the resolution because there is no resolution yet. Maybe that will change. But there is not yet a written resolution. ”

For the Canadian diplomat, the resolution on the deployment of a security mission in Haiti “should not reflect an inspiration, but the reality of what the parties are willing to do. But we are not there yet,” he continued.

Before there is a resolution in the Security Council, the parties involved in the crisis in Haiti must provide a clear answer “so that we can really do something positive,” said the veteran Canadian diplomat, who warned against any idea that the security problem in Haiti will be solved with the deployment of a foreign force. “The international community can [only] contribute to the resolution of the problem, but cannot solve it,” the diplomat cautioned, adding, “We can’t do, we can’t do what the people in Haiti should do.”

When asked about reports that Mexico and Rwanda had agreed to lead the peace mission in Haiti, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations would neither confirm nor deny. He did say, however, that the UN is in discussions with these two countries and several others to take the lead in the force.

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