Nippes (Miragoâne): Disabled people express their annoyance against the State and some organizations

CTN News

People with physical disabilities who took part in activities commemorating the World Day of Disabled Persons expressed their discontent against certain organizations and state authorities. For these people, these organizations and the Haitian state only recognize the existence of people living with disabilities every December 3rd, the date marking the World Day of Disabled Persons.

Questioned by Zoom Haiti News, these people denounce the contempt of the authorities and some organizations that consider them as the poor of the society.

This is the case of Renald, one of the people living with a disability. He indicated that he is struggling to make ends meet because of his disability, saying he is a victim of discrimination and trauma from people. He denounced the laxity of the state which has done nothing for the disabled and attacks certain organizations that make their fortune in the name of the disabled who benefit from nothing in return.

Note that no official activity was organized to commemorate the World Day of Disabled Persons in the department of Nippes.

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