Nippes (Miragoâne): an alleged bandit killed in an exchange of fire with Commissioner Muscadin

CTN News

Robenson Léonard, is the name of the alleged bandit who was killed in an exchange of fire with Commissioner Jean Ernest Muscadin in the evening of December 21 to 22, 2022, in the locality of Duparc, located in the first communal section of Miragoâne, Chalon.

The individual had shot and wounded a person who was participating in a funeral wake. Alerted by the population, the head of the public prosecutor’s office of the jurisdiction of Miragoâne, Mr. Jean Ernest Muscadin, went to the scene in order to arrest the young man. He then refused to comply and surrender, preferring to open fire in the direction of Commissioner Muscadin, who emerged unharmed. But not the alleged bandit.

CG Muscadin confirms that the injured person is currently receiving appropriate care at the hospital.

The deputy judge of the Court of Peace of Miragoâne, Master Methony Sauveur, who made the report, said that the victim Robenson Léonard received a projectile at the level of his head. His 9 mm pistol was also confiscated by the authorities.
Jean Ernest Muscadin reiterates his willingness to continue to track down the thugs who terrorize the population of his jurisdiction.

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