Nippes (L’Asile): Inauguration of a water catchment by DINEPA

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At the head of a delegation, the Director General of the National Directorate of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DINEPA), Engineer Guito Edouard, inaugurated yesterday Sunday, November 27, 2022, the capture of the water source “Lasous”, located in the second communal section Apricot in L’Asile.

In his speech, Guito Edouard, expressed his satisfaction for the realization of the project despite the difficult context of the country. He stressed that the socio-political situation of the country has jeopardized some projects initiated by DINEPA.

The regional director of the Grand Sud of OREPA, Philippe Eliscar, said that the water catchment of “Lasous” has a production tank of 3 cubic meters of water that will supply about 10 thousand households with drinking water. He asked the population to collaborate with DINEPA for a better functioning of the network.

Present at the inauguration, the former deputy of the fiftieth legislature of Asile Lemane Premier, welcomed the inauguration of this project. He sees it as a relief for the population of the second section Apricot. The political leader took the opportunity to sensitize subscribers to regularly honor their subscription for a better maintenance of the network.
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