Haiti: The ordeal of single mothers

CTN News

In Haiti, the phenomenon of “single-parent families” is widespread. It concerns 60% of families (OCHA). In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is the women who have sole responsibility for the children. To assume this burden alone, they must sometimes resign themselves to difficult activities that no one dares to talk about, not even journalists, under the pretext of not wanting to sell bad images of the country. For example, in Gonaïves, the fourth largest city in the country and the capital of the Artibonite department, women go to wild sand quarries in the mountains surrounding the city or to wild dump sites to collect clothes, bags or other objects that they will then sell, in order to find enough money to feed and pay for their children’s school fees
“Haiti: The plight of single mothers” is a report by Ronel Paul with the participation of John Becker Jean and Onelson Paulemice… https://youtu.be/3JbcDZCYMss

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