Haiti Teach a Child Foundation (HTCF) is involved in socio-educational activities in Cité Soleil

CTN News

Since November, HTCF has been involved in the training of young people in Cité Soleil through the community project: “Train to change, Change to transform”. It aims at the socio-educational and economic transformation of these young people in order to guide them. The courses provided are as follows: “Training on non-violence awareness, leadership, community development, baking, and entrepreneurship in the first instance.

The beneficiaries of the project will have psychosocial support with a space for dialogue, exchange and testimonies on their experiences with violence. This will help them strengthen their self-esteem, autonomy, increase their resilience while developing positive ideas. A month and a week into the training series, one of the HTCF leaders expressed his enthusiasm for the youth’s willingness to learn.

The project will continue over the next 5 months to support the youth by providing them with materials and equipment that will help them set up their own workshop.

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