Gonaives: 4 bandits of the gang “Bwa kale” fatally wounded and 4 others arrested

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

Four (4) individuals presumed to be members of the “Bwa kale” gang operating in Gonaives were fatally wounded during an operation by the National Police during the night of January 13 to 14, 2023. The Artibonite Police also reported four arrests. Two (2) firearms and two (2) vehicles were also confiscated by the Intervention Brigade of the Gonaives police station and the UDMO Artibonite who were in charge of the intervention.

Derice Jocelyn, Joseph Jimy, Noel Ritchie and Dieujuste victor are the individuals arrested during this operation carried out in Trou Sable, a suburb of the commune of Gonaives.
According to the police authorities, the four (04) (alleged) bandits who were fatally wounded were injured in exchanges of fire with the police.

The Departmental Service of Communication Artibonite of the PNH noted that several other armed bandits have fled and the police of Gonaives continue to track them down until the eradication of this criminal organization in the commune of Gonaives.
The Departmental Direction reminds young people who are stuck in organized crime that this path leads directly to the crossroads of the *3 M* (Mare – Mawon – Mouri) and advises them to embrace other legal activities that are consistent with social norms.

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