The Cultural Association for the Social Emancipation of Haiti (ACESH) launches the 1st edition of “SINEMA TOUPATOU NAN LEKÒL

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The Cultural Association for the Social Emancipation of Haiti (ACESH) launched the first edition of “SINEMA TOUPATOU NAN LEKOL” on December 7 in the city of Jacmel. This program, which takes place around the theme: “Save the environment”, will end on December 14, 2022.

As part of this activity, documentary films were shown in several schools in the city of Alcibiade Pommayrac. It is to raise awareness of the population, through the 7th Art, on problems related to the environment and also socio-political problems that Haiti is going through.
Because the cinema is one of the most powerful means to carry an environmental message and can be an excellent way to raise awareness of the ecological transition of society, underlines the ACESH.

Three days of film screenings took place under the leadership of producer Junior Jovin on December 7, 8 and 9, 2022. The first at the national school NECODE in K-Dougé, in the presence of teachers and over fifty students. This projection was made with a short film entitled “LAVI NAN TAN DIKTATI” with the objective of maintaining and enriching the memory of the public on the dictatorial period of Duvalier that the country has known.

The second day of screenings was held on December 8 at the Dessaix Baptiste Music School, in the presence of students from Collège Saint-Paul, in order to raise awareness about the environmental problems in Haiti. A short film entitled
“LANMÈ PEYIZAN” was shown. And on Friday, December 9, in the presence of more than a hundred schoolchildren, a short film entitled “NOU TOUT KOUPAB” was shown during the 3rd day of the program “SINEMA TOUPATOU Nan lekol” at the I.O.A Center in Morne Ogé. “KISKEYA à AYITI KOTE PYE BWA NOU PASE” was screened at the Frères-Unis school in Morne Ogé, in the presence of about thirty school children.

Protections will take place in several other schools in the city until December 14, as part of this program “SINEMA toupatou nan lekòl”, thanks to the financial support of my FOKAL. Through this initiative, ACESH also intends to put the spotlight on the work of Haitians in the film industry.
This activity is led by a dynamic technical staff composed of the executive producer Junior Jovin, the projectionist Jean Michel Cayo, Pierre Richard Labastille
responsible for sound, Marie-Vesta Departmental Delegate of ACESH and Communication Manager on the project.

Marie Vesta Desameau

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