Corruption and crime: Former ministers Listz Quitel and Berto Dorcé sanctioned by Canada

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The Canadian government has once again struck at the Haitian political elite by sanctioning two former ministers of the government of Ariel Henry who are in collusion with the gangsters who sow death among the population. Berto Dorcé and Listz Quitel, respectively former holders of the Ministries of Justice and the Interior, are banned from entering Canada because of the sanctions issued against them for having provided significant financial and operational support to armed gangs.

In a statement, Ottawa says it has imposed a transaction ban on the two former ministers. This may lead to the freezing of any assets they may hold in Canada.

Listz Quitel and Berto Dorcé are accused in money laundering and other acts of corruption, according to the release provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In October 2021, Listz Quitel, then Minister of the Interior, was accused in the kidnapping followed by sequestration of Pastor Jean Ferret MICHEL.

According to a report by the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH), Pastor Jean Ferret MICHEL was kidnapped under the orders of the Minister of the Interior, Listz Quitel, for having maintained a romantic relationship with his wife, Barbara QUITEL, known as Barbie.
In an attempt to protect the image of his government, Prime Minister Ariel Henry decided in the Council of Ministers, on November 11, 2022, to revoke Listz Quitel and Berto Dorcé who also had their American visas revoked by the United States government.

Their positions are respectively occupied by the Minister of Culture Emmelie Prophet, Minister of Justice ai and Prime Minister Ariel Henry (Minister of Interior ai.

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