Artibonite police announce the arrest of 3 members of the Gran Grif gang in Savien and a soldier from Vitelhomme

CTN News

Senel Dorisca and his brother Lissage Dorisca were arrested in Saint-Marc this Sunday following a kidnapping attempt foiled by members of the population in Jean Denis, informs the Artibonite branch of the Haitian National Police.

Florestal Riguenson, alias Easy was apprehended in Petite-Rivière de l’Artibonite while in possession of an illegal weapon, confirms the intelligence service of the PNH in Saint-Marc, underlining that the individual in question is a member of the Gran Grif gang based in Savien

Carly Dousse was arrested in Saint-Marc, according to the Artibonite departmental intelligence service, which associates him with the gang group led by Vitelhomme. He took advantage of his passage in the lower Artibonite to hold the local population for ransom during the holiday season.

These 4 presumed bandits answered questions from the judicial department (SDJ) of Saint-Marc.


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