Undocumented immigrants in the United States could soon have some “forms of legal recognition”

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller

Joe Biden’s “immigration reform” proposal moves in the right direction in the United States Senate

Voted by the House of Representatives last week, the migration component of Joe Biden’s build back better proposal headed in the right direction in the United States Senate.

The Senat parliamentarian would have no problem with the provisions included by the lower house.

In a Tuesday meeting with Democrats, Elizabeth MacDonough reportedly did not rule out  the immigration-related part of Joe Biden’s Build Better plan, according to online newspaper AXIOS.

If the bill passes as voted on by members of Congress, millions of illegal immigrants will have the opportunity to apply for a work card. They will also be able to apply for a travel document. This would allow them to visit their native country and return to the United States without running the risk of being deported by immigration officials. This law would also protect immigrants against abusive deportation procedures. A less ambitious proposal compared to the first two made by Democratic parliamentarians, but rejected by Elizabeth MacDonough.

In a first attempt, the Democrats had proposed to give the give a path to citizenship  to more than 8 million immigrants. A proposal rejected by the legislative director arguing that such a reform of the migration system should be the subject of a separate policy.

The Democratic Party’s plan B was also rejected by Mrs. MacDonough. This proposal consisted in amending the immigration registry in order to regularize the situation of illegal immigrants. Elizabeth argued that this reform has nothing to do with the budget, therefore cannot be included in the draft budget.

The Senate parliamentarian is a civil servant appointed by the majority leader of the senate. Her main responsibility consists, among other things, in evaluating the rules and laws passed in the process of reconciliation.

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