Promoting Robotics Innovation in Massachusetts: Governor Healey’s Initiatives

Emmanuel Paul
Emmanuel Paul - Journalist/ Storyteller
"Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (blue jacket, center), with Lt. Gov. Kimberly Driscoll, MassTech CEO Carolyn Kirk, Undersecretary of Economic Foundations Ashley Stolba, and MassRobotics’ team in Boston. Source: Office of the Governor"

In an effort to promote innovation and technological advancement in the field of robotics, Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey recently honored National Robotics Week with visits to North Andover High School and MassRobotics. These initiatives were part of the Governor’s Mass Leads Road Show, which emphasized the state’s commitment to supporting the robotics industry and fostering economic growth.
During her visit to North Andover High School, the Governor met with the high school’s robotics club. It was an opportunity for Maura Healey to congratulate club members on their spectacular achievements.
The club is preparing to take part in the next Vex World Robotics Championships, starting this April.
Impressed by their robotics projects, Governor Healey presented a proclamation for National Robotics Week, recognizing the club’s dedication and passion for robotics.
Governor Healey and Lieutenant-Governor Driscoll then visited MassRobotics, the largest independent robotics center in Massachusetts, and interacted with the start-up companies based there.
MassRobotics recently launched the Mass Robotics Accelerator, a 13-week program designed to support robotics entrepreneurs.
The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor also had the opportunity to visit a STEM classroom, highlighting the importance of science, technology, engineering and math education in shaping the future of robotics.
The visits were part of the Governor’s “Mass Leads Act” roadshow to promote her recently proposed economic development bill.
The bill includes a $25 million robotics investment program designed to strengthen the state’s leadership in robotics through research, commercialization and training, Massrobotics wrote in an article on its website.
“Massachusetts is proud to be home to one of the world’s leading robotics centers, and it’s critical that we continue to strengthen this position through targeted investments like the Mass Leads Act,” said Governor Healey.
She stressed the importance of supporting innovation in robotics, from high school students to cutting-edge start-ups.
Lieutenant-Governor Driscoll agreed, reiterating the state’s commitment to providing the necessary tools for the robotics industry to flourish. She was enthusiastic about supporting robotics entrepreneurs and expanding opportunities for students to engage in STEM education.
Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MassTech) launched a $5 million initiative to boost the robotics sector across the state. The initiative aims to support robotics research and development, testing, commercialization and workforce development, MassRobotics recalled.
Economic Development Secretary Yvonne Hao emphasized the importance of the investments proposed in the Mass Leads Act, saying they will help ensure Massachusetts’ leadership in the robotics sector.
Carolyn Kirk, CEO of MassTech, emphasized the Innovation Institute’s role in stimulating economic growth through strategic investments and partnerships. MassTech aims to create growth opportunities in Massachusetts’ innovation economy, with a focus on robotics.
Tom Ryden, Executive Director of MassRobotics, welcomed the Governor’s visit and the celebration of National Robotics Week.
He emphasized the importance of the robotics industry in Massachusetts, which generates over 5,000 jobs and exports thousands of robots every month.
With continued support through initiatives such as the Mass Leads Act, the industry is set to grow further and have a significant impact on the state.
By focusing on research, commercialization and training, the state aims to consolidate its position as a world leader in robotics, in line with Governor Haealy’s campaign vision of consolidating Massachusetts’ position in the technology sector.
The Healy-Driscoll administration intends to do everything in its power to promote robotics and foster innovation in the state of Massachusetts, Massrobitics recalled, citing an interview with the Governor in “The Robot Report”.

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