MBTA announces enhanced ferry schedules for Spring 2024: New weekend service to Lynn, Winthrop/Quincy and Hingham/Hull

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BOSTON – The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has announced upcoming enhancements to its ferry services, including improvements to the Lynn, Winthrop/Quincy and Hingham/Hull weekend routes starting this spring.

These improvements are intended to offer more convenient schedules for ferry passengers and improve reliability during periods when waterways are likely to be congested, according to a release from the MBTA’s communications office.

According to Massachusetts Bay Transportation (MBTA), these changes respond “to evolving community needs and to ensure a positive experience for all passengers.”

Information on new fares and routes

Starting April 29, the Lynn ferry will operate 10 trips per day on weekdays, with minor schedule adjustments from the previous season. In addition, 11 new routes will be offered on weekends from Saturday May 25. The Lynn ferry runs between the Blossom Street pier and downtown Boston at Long Wharf (North) until October 31, the MBTA said, giving details of the new fares.

The one-way fare on the Lynn ferry is $7 (or $3.50 for those with a reduced fare).

As for the Winthrop/Quincy ferry, it will operate 13 weekday trips between Winthrop, Quincy, Logan Airport and downtown Boston at the Aquarium / Central Wharf (South). The service will run from April 29 to November 30. The one-way fare on the Winthrop ferry is $6.50 (or $3.25 for reduced-fare customers).

The Hingham/Hull ferry operates 38 weekday trips year-round, and will operate 32 Saturday and 28 Sunday trips this season between Hingham, Hull, Logan Airport, Georges Island and downtown Boston.

Schedule adjustments have been made this season to offer better service to users, explains the MBTA communications office, which also provided details of the new fares for the Hingham/Hull ferry.

The one-way fare on the Hingham/Hull ferry is $9.75 (or $4.85 for reduced-fare users).

The MBTA has also taken steps to facilitate accessibility when purchasing tickets. The mTicket application enabling users to purchase their tickets can be downloaded on any OS or Android operating system.

Commuter boat passes or zone 6 (or higher) commuter rail passes are also accepted, the communications office explains, noting that different fares apply for trips to and from Georges Island.

The MBTA encourages passengers to visit mbta.com/Ferry for schedules and further information.

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