Haiti-Society: Internet users demand the arrest of Pastor Armel Lafleur for incest

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The diffusion on social networks of a video showing Pastor Armel Lafleur in an obscene scene with a young woman in the precincts of his congregation has provoked the anger and indignation of Internet users who have launched a petition to demand the arrest of the latter for incest.

Reproached by the Haitian justice for public indecency, Armel Lafleur is also facing committed citizens, fathers and mothers who are alarmed by the danger that the leader of the Church of God of the Narrow Door represents for Haitian society.

“If there were not a certain complicity between the so-called pastor Armel Lafleur and judges (Christians), he would already be under lock and key because of his involvement in numerous cases related to sexual harassment, rape, and the misappropriation of minors,” noted one Internet user, who cited, for example, the case of the young Stéphanie Jean Pierre, who was the object of sequestration, aggression, and several stratagems leading to rapes perpetrated by pastor Armel Lafleur and deacon Jean Michael Lissaint over a period of three years.

The victim was only 15 years old at the time.
Today, Stephanie Pierre is thirty-two years old. She has decided to move from the status of victim to that of witness by bringing her torturers to justice.

Me Emmanuel Jeanty, one of the lawyers who is accompanying Stéphanie Jean Pierre in this case, denounces the slowness of the investigation.
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