Haiti-Justice: The new penal code will not be applied, according to the former president of Miragoâne

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For the former president of the Bar Association of Miragoâne, Saurel Frantz, the new penal code will not enter into force on June 24.
He wants to justify the lack of follow-up of the mechanisms on the part of the state authorities in the transitional provisions.
According to the professor of criminal procedure, this new code has established its own conditions of application. Questioned by Zoom Haiti News, the lawyer stressed that the provisions have not been respected. For example, there has been no training for the actors of the criminal chain until now.
He also pointed out that in the preamble of this penal code, the legislators have inserted a restriction on the implementation through one of the recitals.
The decree of the new Haitian penal code was taken by the administration of former President Jovenel Moïse on June 24, 2020. It should come into force this June 24.
With Dieuva Occidor

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