Haiti-Crisis: The World Bank closes (temporarily) its doors

CTN News

Due to the acute security and humanitarian crisis caused by the blockage of the oil terminal of Varreux, the representation of the World Bank in Haiti has announced that its office is temporarily closed for a period of 30 days. Therefore, the staff of the office has already been evacuated out of the country informs the global financial entity.

However, the World Bank has reassured that its operations manager Laurent Musellati will continue to perform his duties remotely, including the support of a team for the implementation of the program.

The fuel shortage is greatly affecting the functioning of institutions in Haiti. Several hospitals in the country had expressed their concern since last month about the persistent scarcity of fuel, which has devastating consequences on their services.

The Bernard Mevs Hospital had announced at the end of September that it was obliged to put in place an emergency plan with a reduction in its staff and services available to the detriment of its loyal patients because of the continuing scarcity of fuel in the country. The prestigious hospital was not able to give an exact date for the normal resumption of services.
Doctors Without Borders and other hospitals operating throughout the country were facing a similar situation.

The reduction of services and the closure of the country’s hospitals may therefore further aggravate the plight of the population.


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