General Customs Administration closes out 2022 on a high note with a new performance record

CTN News

The General Administration of Customs recorded a new performance record of ten billion gourdes for the month of December, Zoomhaitinews has learned. To achieve this performance, the AGD has relied on the customs of the airport, Cap-Haitian, Belladères who were very active throughout the month of December. This new record performance of the AGD is recorded at a time when the growing insecurity in the country and the scarcity of fuel paralyzing the movement of goods and people, prevent the operation of most ports. For example, the port of Lafito has stopped operating for several weeks.

The new measures taken by the Director General of the General Administration of Customs to strengthen customs control by focusing on control devices after customs clearance, customs surveillance and the implementation of the customs intelligence system to optimize the fight against fraud and smuggling, are beginning to bear fruit.

For the month of August of the year 2022 l, the General Administration of Customs had recorded a revenue of 8 billion gourdes which was considered the best performance of the AGD since its existence. Four months later, the new administration broke its own record and collected 10 billion gourdes, 2 billion more than the last record.


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