Games Like Elden Ring to Play, From Nioh 2 to Remnant: From the Ashes

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FromSoftware created the “Souls-like” genre, and they’re still undoubtedly the kings of this style of game. Their most recent release, Elden Ring, has already achieved incredible success and attracted a ton of new fans to the brutally tough, immersive worlds that are characteristic of FromSoft releases. But there are a ton of games developed by other studios that can scratch that Souls-like itch. So, if you loved Elden Ring and are looking for other games to play, here are nine non-FromSoft games to try!

Remnant: From the Ashes

While ranged combat certainly makes an appearance in Elden Ring, and other FromSoft games, Remnant: From the Ashes takes things to a whole new level. Remnant is a third-person shooter that focuses almost entirely on gunplay. Although some critics consider ranged combat easier, Remnant still provides a hearty challenge, and fun gameplay. The game also features procedurally generated worlds which adds a great feeling of personalization to your playthrough. Remnant boasts great visuals and compelling lore. In Remnant, Earth has been taken over by a race of tree-like creatures called the Root. As you go through the story, you’ll take on the Root and embark on a huge realm-hopping adventure. If you’re looking for a Souls-like game that feels like a fresh take on the genre, give Remnant: From the Ashes a play.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most unique and beautiful games ever made. It was originally released in 2005 for the Playstation 2, but an HD remake was later produced for the Playstation 4 in 2018. Shadow of the Colossus puts players in control of a man named Wander, who is attempting to revive a woman who was sacrificially killed. To achieve his goal, Wander must search the massive “forbidden land” to find and kill the 16 Colossi. Shadow of the Colossus isn’t a Souls-like, but fans of Elden Ring should still…

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