DINEPA: Third meeting of OREPA-Centre with the civil society of Gonaïves, this Thursday 9 February 2023

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Third meeting of OREPA-Center with the civil society of Gonaïves, this Thursday, February 9, 2023, around the project “extension and rehabilitation of the hydraulic network of the city of Gonaïves”.

With a financing of more than 7 million U.S. dollars from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), this project consists in increasing the capacity of DINEPA through the Technical Center of exploitation of Gonaives (CTE) to supply drinking water to the Gonaives population.

5 new kiosks will be built and 6 thousand new connections will be installed during the execution of the project.

The project will cover the areas of Gattereau, Bretagne and adjacent neighborhoods.
The official launch is scheduled for March 1st, “if the social and security situation allows it”, according to Mr. Theophile OSTINVIL, director of OREPA-Centre.
The firm TECINA will execute this 18-month project.

Several authorities including Mayor Donald Diogène, the departmental delegate Tchawell Cesard, Didier Pierre, deputy departmental director of Education-Artibonite and representatives of several sectors such as the vodou sector, religious, press and women’s groups participated in the discussions.

This is the third time, on Thursday, February 9, that DINEPA through the Regional Office of Drinking Water (OREPA Centre) met with members of the Gonaives population to discuss the project. These exchanges consist not only in informing the population about the project but also in seeking their understanding and collaboration for its success.
The discussions include the advantages and disadvantages of the project, such as the disruption of traffic during the drilling of the road, the environmental and social impacts.

Currently, only 20% of the Gonaives population has access to potable water. In the city, DINEPA has three reservoirs, said engineer Nedjie Paillant, director of the Technical Center of Operation of Gonaives (CTE). A reservoir at Carrefour Turène with a capacity of 2,400 cubic meters that supplies Gattereau, Bienac, Route Dattes… A second on the road to Bassin with a capacity of 600 cubic meters that supplies the Hospital la Province, eight water points (kiosk) and more than 133 customers. A third one at Pont Gaudin with a capacity of 968 cubic meters which supplies the city center, Trou-Sable, Seprenn etc. The latter has been broken for more than two years.
No new reservoir is planned in the new project. The old equipment will simply be rehabilitated, said officials.

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