December 21 Agreement: The supporters of the Montana Agreement dismantle the approach of PM Ariel Henry

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Meeting this Thursday, December 29, 2022, at the Caribe Convention Center Hotel after a two-day retreat, the signatories of the Montana Agreement disapproved the document called “National Consensus for an inclusive transition and transparent elections” signed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry with several representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and the private business sector to find a solution to the crisis. This move is being downplayed by supporters of the August 30, 2021 agreement, commonly referred to as the Montana agreement. They called it partisan and demagogic.

The elected president of the Montana agreement, Fritz Alphonse Jean, exposed the maneuvers of the government of Ariel Henry through the signing of the document called “National Consensus for an inclusive transition and transparent elections. This new agreement aims to strengthen the power of Ariel Henry and organize fraudulent elections for the benefit of their candidates while leading the country to disaster, according to Fritz Alphonse Jean.

He maintains that the government in place wants to consolidate its power at all costs in the interest of its allies who squander the funds of public institutions citing for example the General Administration of Customs (AGD), the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) and the National Credit Bank (BNC).

The economist Fritz Alphonse Jean, who has taken against the government’s initiative to set up a high transition council, said that the signatories of the Montana agreement did not authorize anyone to sign the political document of December 21 in response to a note published by the Group (GROSAM) presenting as a signatory of the Montana agreement who has initialed the document proposed by the Prime Minister to, he said, test the good faith of the government
The citizen Magalie Comeau Denis said that the group called (GROSAM) does not appear in the database of the Montana initiative.

The members of the agreement of August 30, 2021 say they opt for a Haitian solution to the crisis while renewing their willingness and commitment to find a consensus in order to put in place the transition of rupture.

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