China’s top 5 embarrassing diplomatic scandals for 2022

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is known for its aggressive Wolf-warrior diplomacy. However, unlike the country’s ancestors, whose renowned diplomatic strategies upheld China’s position and brought peace to all neighboring nations, the wolf-warrior diplomacy brought the communist rulers nothing but shameful moments and a bad image on the world stage.

2022, in retrospect, is a year full of challenges for China. From the ongoing COVID pandemic and its draconian “zero-COVID” policy, the Russia-Ukraine tension, and Xi Jinping’s questionable attitude to the economic downturn that disrupts the global economy. At the Politburo meeting on December 7, the CCP admitted that this year’s international environment is “turbulent.” So in, this video will go through five of China’s top 10 diplomatic scandals in 2022.

China withdraws 6 diplomats from UK ahead of questioning over Manchester consulate violence

On October 16, a clash between Chinese consulate diplomats and protesters occurred outside the consulate’s gate in Manchester. Footage shows pro-democracy protesters holding a campaign against the CCP, condemning the regime for violating human rights in Hong Kong and elsewhere. However, a group of men wearing plain clothes came from inside the consulate and attacked protesters. The highlight of the clash was that the Chinese consulate general Zheng Xiyuan was found in the thick of the action.

In response, British officials had asked six Chinese diplomats to submit to local police questioning about the clash. The British government also required permission to investigate the accident. However, before the deadline came, the Chinese regime suddenly withdrew the six diplomats from Britain on December 14.

Alicia Kearns, the Tory chairperson of the UK’s Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “The consul general and five others brutalized a refugee on British soil. And rather than being expelled or prosecuted, they’ve been allowed to slip off,…

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