Brazil: Official inauguration of President Lula, Bolsonaro is conspicuous by his absence

CTN News

The official investiture of the Brazilian president Lula elected last October 30 in the second round, takes place this Sunday in Brasília as planned. Luis Inácio Lula Da Silva commonly called Lula is back to the presidency of Brazil after more than 10 years. He will be in his third term.

Lula was elected in 2003 the first time, in 2010 the second time. October 30, 2022 marks his 3rd re-election.
The reinforcement of the security in the political capital Brasília is very visible through the streets and on all the route that the presidential procession must take. The objective is to avoid urban violence since the results of the elections on October 30th, many supporters of the outgoing president Jaït Bolsonaro have been protesting vigorously and had blocked the highways. Last week, a bolsonarist even attempted to carry out a terrorist attack near the Brasilia airport.
The outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro is currently on a trip to the United States. He shines by his absence. The passage of the scarf, democratic emblem, between the two presidents, will not take place.

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