A new Police chief at the PNH in Artibonite

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Divisional Commissioner Roger Goodson Jeune is the new Departmental Director of the PNH-Artibonite.

It was General Inspector Moïse JEAN who proceeded, this Thursday, February 9, 2023, to the installation of the new departmental director.
Commissioner Roger Goodson Jeune replaces Jean Bruce MYRTIL who spent only two months as head of the PNH in Artibonite.

Jean Bruce MYRTIL had never set foot in the Gonaives police station after the death of six police officers on January 25 in Liancourt. He had been accused by the police officers stationed at the Gonaives police station of not taking the necessary steps to better equip his officers.

The installation took place in the presence of several authorities of the city, including the government commissioner Serard Gasius, the departmental delegate Tchawell Césard and the general coordinator of the National Union of Haitian Police Lyonel Lazare.

The new DDA takes office at a time when the police officers of Artibonite, particularly those of the Gonaives police station, are still angry after the murder of six of their colleagues by the Savien gang in the commune of Liancourt on January 25. A symbolic mass was celebrated in their memory in the Cathedral of Remembrance in Gonaïves on February 8. The police officers had asked for adequate materials to fight the gang group called “Baz gran grif” which is spreading terror in the department of Artibonite.

Commissioner Roger Goodson Jeune promises to work closely with his fellow police officers in order to bring their demands to the highest level of the institution in order to guarantee the security of the population.
Lyonel Lazare, SYNAPOHA’s number 1, stated on February 8 that materials are available for the police officers of Artibonite. However, he was unable to say when exactly the police officers will be in possession of this equipment.


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