7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria: More than 6,300 dead and several thousand injured, so far

Emmanuel Paul
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KAHRAMANMARAS, TURKIYE - FEBRUARY 06: A view of debris as search and rescue works continue after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit southern provinces of Turkiye, in Kahramanmaras, Turkiye on February 6, 2023. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake jolted Turkiyeâs southern province of Kahramanmaras early Monday, according to Turkiyeâs Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD). It was followed by a magnitude 6.4 quake that struck southeastern Gaziantep province. A third earthquake with a 6.5 magnitude also hit Gaziantep. Earthquakes had affected several provinces including, Osmaniye, Malatya, Adıyaman, Adana, Diyarbakır, Kilis and Sanliurfa. (Photo by Adsiz Gunebakan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

More than 6,300 people have died and several thousand injured: This is the partial toll of a violent earthquake recorded in southern Turkey late Sunday evening.

It is the strongest earthquake to hit the country in more than 100 years, according to the Turkish authorities, who predict a death toll of more than 10,000.

The epicenter of the quake was recorded about 23 kilometers east of Nurdagi in the province of Gaziantep, according to the US Geological Survey cited by CNN.

The earthquake also caused massive material damage and loss of life in Syria, Turkey’s neighboring country.

An appeal for help from the international community was launched by the Turkish disaster management agency to facilitate rescue operations.

In addition to the loss of life, material damage estimated at between 1 and 10 billion dollars was also recorded.

Gaziantep Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was severely damaged, CNN reported.

“Some of the bastions in the eastern, southern and southeastern parts of the historic Gaziantep Castle in the central district of Şahinbey were destroyed by the earthquake, with the debris scattered on the road,” Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported, adding, “The iron railings around the castle were scattered on the surrounding sidewalks. The retaining wall next to the castle also collapsed. In some bastions, large cracks were observed.”

Efforts are underway to rescue potential survivors trapped under the debris. But operations are very slow due to a lack of equipment and weather conditions.

Until Monday, major tremors were felt in Syria and Turkey. This has also complicated efforts to rescue potential survivors.


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